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Above-Ground Exercise Pools

You can have all the exercise you want in an easily installed, above-ground pool!   If you’ve never tried exercising in a pool before, you’ll absolutely love all the perks! With a pool, you can get limitless low-impact workouts that will benefit people of all ages.   You’ll get a wide variety of customization options … Read More

16 Ways an Energy Efficient Hot Tub Makes Every Day Better

Motorcycle, jet ski and jet boat lover, Lou thrived on the twin thrills of speed and danger. One day a catastrophic motorcycle accident broke his femur into 47 pieces and nearly tore his foot off. Today, 37 years later, he still experiences pain after working at his job or on his home, but manages to … Read More

What Is The Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

When you choose a Hot Spring spa, you’re not just buying a hot tub, you’re making a long term investment in your health, vitality, and well being. Like any piece of fitness equipment, your hot tub will provide maximum benefit when you use it regularly. When it’s always ready and set to the perfect temperature, … Read More