Hot Tub Delivery

hot tub delivery

Hot Tub Delivery

Congratulations and thank you for the purchase of your new hot tub!  We appreciate you taking the time to complete the form below to ensure a successful delivery of your new hot tub. Please paint us a picture from the moment we arrive at your home and where we’ll travel to get to the hot tub site.  Videos appreciated; pictures are second best if kept in order.

Thank you and Happy Hot Tubbing!

Don’t Forget:

Day before Delivery:

  • Check site and delivery pathway.
  • Confirm site is still level and ready for delivery. Have hose available and ready for delivery crew to hook up (do not leave hose outside in freezing temperatures).

Day of Delivery:

  • Customer MUST be present at time of delivery.
  • Site is free of all snow and debris.

We deliver Monday through Friday covering Vermont, parts of New Hampshire, and New York.  We do our very best to accommodate any special requests.