Hot Water Sale

Hot tub season is upon us! Soaking on crisp fall evenings, warming up and watching the steam rise as the snow falls around you. Nothing is better than hot tubbing after a day on the slopes or a day shoveling. 😉

Hot water soothes our muscles and minds, while giving us the opportunity to disconnect and recharge. We want to help you find the perfect hot tub to make this winter THE BEST EVER!

The Hot Water Sale on-order Truckload Hot Tubs will receive:

Highlife & Limelight Models:

Freshwater Salt System ($400)


Cover Lift System ($300-$440) and Polymer Step ($170)

Hot Spot Models:

Freshwater Ozone System ($350)


Cover Lift System ($300-$440) and Polymer Step ($170)

Custom ordered Hot Tubs from the factory will receive:

Highlife & Limelight Models:

Freshwater Salt System ($400), Cover Lift System ($300-$440) and Polymer Step ($170)

Hot Spot Models:

Freshwater Ozone System ($350), Cover Lift System ($300-$440) and a Polymer Step ($170)

Already have a hot tub? Trade In and Trade Up to new features, a new warranty, and more.

hot tub trade

*Inclusions do not apply to SX, TX, and Freeflow models. Inclusions cannot be substituted for cash value.

Endless Pools: Let’s Keep Swimming

Did you miss your beloved pool time this summer with all of the pool closings? Miss your gym time?

We’re all missing the activities that keep us healthy and happy, so why not create the perfect backyard fun space and “home gym” with an Endless Pool?

swim spa sale

We have one Endless Pool model left for winter install – the E550!

Don’t spend any more time cooped up in the living room all winter feeling lethargic. Enjoy the fun, therapy, and exercise of an Endless Pool and beat those winter blues before they start.

Endless Pools are versatile, heated pools that provide aquatic enjoyment 9+ months a year outside and year-round enjoyment inside!

Start Planning Your 2021 Pool Project NOW!

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Cover Sale

Is your Hot Tub as Energy Efficient as it could be?

Your cover could be the Energy Hog!

• Is your cover showing its age?
• Not sealing properly or fitting snuggly?
• Waterlogged and heavy to lift?
• Sagging, fading, or cracking?
• Worn or torn?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

your cover is not as energy efficient as it could be.

Contact us today to get a new Hot Springs Cover for maximum insulation and energy efficiency. Ensure the longevity and ease of use with a new Hot Springs Cover Lift System: pneumatic gas springs take the work out of opening your cover!

Finnleo Saunas

Finnleo Saunas offer amazing health benefits. From easing arthritis pain to detoxification, even helping asthma sufferers and those working on weight loss, saunas are a great way to bring a new healthy habit into your life.

Saunas are easily integrated into any home, from single-person 3’X3’ units to large custom cut rooms, the possibilities are endless.

Saunas can be installed in your home in as little as one hour and they require virtually no maintenance! Just grab your towel, step in, and relax.

Already have a spot for your new sauna? Contact us today!