Why The Sound of Flowing Water Soothes You

Ocean waves, waterfalls, streams, and rainfall are a few examples of flowing water that can instantly relax you. Several of our hot tubs feature the BellaFontana, a three stream, luminescent waterfall that is sure to soothe the soul; but what is it about water that makes it so calming?

1. Our brain interprets flowing water as a non-threatening sound.

Certain sounds like loud alarm clocks and screams trigger a threatening reaction in our brain that we can not tune out. We are hard-wired to respond to noises that come out of nowhere because they can mean something bad might happen. Sounds that are constant and soothing are considered non-threatening sounds to our brain.

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2. The sound of water (and being in it) can bring you to a meditative state.

It’s all about taking a break from this fast-paced, loud world that we live in. The combination of your body immersed in hot water while the sound of water flowing near you can produce an immense sense of mental tranquility. You bet this can help you have the best sleep of your life if you soak at night shortly before going to bed. Something that we all truly need in this busy thing we call life.

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3. Moving water is “white noise” and can sound different to each person.

Each individual can hear a different “song” in the water flow and it can act as a “white noise”, drowning out any surrounding sounds in your environment or in your head. Focusing your mind on the soothing sound and not tying it to anything, letting the sound wash over you, helps your brain let go of stresses that may be lingering and gets your body into an ultimate state of relaxation.

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4. Humans are receptive to an altered state of consciousness called hypnosis.

The repetitive nature of things like flowing water can induce a type of light hypnosis or deep relaxation, instantly taking people to their “happy place”. Allowing your body to fall deep into this type of relaxation will benefit your mind, body, and soul. Relaxation is key to living a healthy, happy life – so get a small waterfall for your office and/or a hot tub with a BellaFontana. Your body and mind will thank you!

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