The True Art of the Sauna

Did you know that out of Finland’s 5.5 million residents, there are about 2 million saunas? Wow! Considering the fact that Finland has earned the title of “The Happiest Country in the World“, maybe we should listen up and follow suit!

The true art of the sauna experience lies within the health benefits that many receive. Not only do saunas relax you physically and mentally, studies have shown that they can have the same effect on your blood vessels and heart similar to what moderate exercise can do.

With frequent sauna use, you can enjoy a boost in your immunity, a circulation increase, flushed toxins, and possibly reduce your risk of heart disease!

sauna benefits

For a true Finnish sauna experience, take a break from the sauna heat by jumping into the snow or cold water for a few minutes.

For some, the hot to cold experience can help improve their blood flow. Are you brave enough to try this?

sauna snow benefits

Be sure to talk to your doctor before implementing any new health strategies.

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