Summer Time Hot Tubbin’

We know warm, sunny weather doesn’t necessarily put you in the hot tub mood, but what if you could make your hot tub into a cool tub?

All of Hot Springs hot tubs have the ability to be turned down and set to as low as 80 degrees so that you can have a nice option to cool off this summer! We recommend starting by turning the tub down to 95 degrees and see how that feels. Any temperature below 98 (the average body temperature) will feel a little cool; adjust to your preference from there! Give it a try and use your hot tub as a small pool this summer.

While you’re in your cool tub, how about some fun activities and games?!

Float the Day Away

small pool idea


Crazy enough, there is still plenty of room in your hot tub to float around. Open up that cover, grab your tube, sunglasses, sunscreen, favorite drink and get ready to lounge! Give it a try and send us pictures of your fun floats! (Have you seen the unicorn ones?!)

Teach the Little Ones

fun summer hot tub ideas

A hot tub sized body of water is a great starting point to get young kids comfortable in the water and start teaching them the basics of swimming. Plus, smaller body of water = more control to make sure your child is safe. You’re right there to help them take their first strokes and learn how to float!

Pool Toys


There are several traditional pool games that you can play in your hot tub. Kids love tossing around splash balls and diving down for dive sticks! Even games as simple as I Spy or 20 Questions can be fun openers to spend quality time with your family in the hot tub. While Marco Polo might be a little challenging, kids love making up their own games and you can have your own special family hot tub game.