Should I Buy a Hot Tub from a Traveling Show?

Every few years, traveling hot tub and swim spa expos come into town and set up shop in an empty parking lot or similar venue to sell a few hot tubs and then continue on to the next town.

You may have seen the ads and promotions for this event online, on the news, or radio, and we are often asked if we will be at these traveling pop-up expos. The short answer to this question is no; but let’s take a few minutes to go over what makes a traveling show different and what potential buyers should be aware of while shopping with them.

1. Only one brand of hot tub is represented.

From the ads it sounds like a large variety of hot tub brands will be displayed for you to check out and compare; hence it being a “show” and “expo”. However, this is not necessarily the case. Before you make the trip to see the hot tubs, check to see if the national leading manufactures like Jacuzzi, Hot Spring, Sundance, or Caldera are on display, if you don’t see any of these names advertised, there’s a chance that it’s just one brand supplying all of the hot tubs.

2. Vermonters are proud about keeping it local.

Vermont prides itself on its support of small, local businesses. Many of your local hot tub and swim spa dealers have been in your community for decades providing customers with quality products, advice, and service. Not to mention, many local businesses participate in community events and fundraisers to better the area in which we all live. Vermonters like to keep it local and unfortunately traveling shows do just the opposite.

3. Most importantly- you’ll work with high pressure sales reps.

Not only are the hot tubs trucked in, but there is also a team of high pressure, high stakes sales reps that are brought in as well. These traveling sales reps work just a few months out of the year working shows all across the USA. They have a lot of experience in selling at shows and are paid on strictly commission only if they “close the deal” during the actual event. They are trained to sell on the spot and are not concerned about the process of you making the right decision in your own time.

Important Tips:

You may be asked to pay for your hot tub in full prior to a delivery date. Don’t! Local dealers will typically ask for a deposit when purchasing the hot tub and collect the final balance on delivery.

You may be asked to sign a contract stating all sales are final with no refunds. Don’t! Local dealers are willing to work with you long term to fit you with the best hot tub for you.