Sauna Repair Services

Sauna Repair Services

Our factory trained technicians are available year round to service all brands, makes, and models of saunas out of our three locations in Rutland, Lebanon, and Williston.

Sauna Repair Services:

Components: Heating elements/coils, Thermostat, Contractor, Sauna control, Control faceplate, Timer, Rocks, High limit safety

Facets: Heaters, Seats and Benches, Lights, Controls, Paneling and doors, Exhaust venting, Woodwork refinish and rejuvenation

Sauna Repair Services

Need service on your Sauna? Fill out our service form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Allen Pools and Spas Repair Guarantee

If the same problem reoccurs within 30 days, you will not pay a trip fee, only pay for any parts and labor on new issues.  All replacement parts purchased through Allen Pools and Spas have a one-year warranty.