Speck Pumps

The E71-11 VSP (1.1 THP) variable speed swimming pool pump is an example of Speck Pump’s innovations to meet world energy and environmental challenges.

  • This high performance, medium head pump comes complete with an industry standard Carbon/ceramic 5/8″ mechanical seal for convenient replacement.
  • Non-corrosive, chemical/UV resistant, and can withstand temperatures of up to 150° F.
  • The Model E71 is available with a dual discharge casing to connect to existing pool filters.
  • For pool users’ safety, the impeller has a dielectric shaft sleeve that provides absolute separation between the pool water and electric parts.
  • Pump is equipped with durable, economical 48 frame thru-bolt mount motor with stainless steel shaft.
  • Specially constructed clear lid with ring lock design is easy to open. Large strainer basket is always locked in place.
  • Suction and discharge ports are equipped with hose adaptors. (Also available with 1.5″ NPT/2″ slip quick disconnect unions.)
  • Reuseable o-rings throughout.
  • Pump has standard 3ft. 3/12 AWG cord set premounted. A variety of cord sets are available.
  • Every pump is performance tested before leaving the Speck factory.

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