Chlorine Endless Pool Weekly Chemistry

Endless Pool Chlorine Chemistry Guide

Instructions to Weekly Endless Pool Chlorine Chemistry

Add 3 oz of Stain and Scale Control per 1,000 gals weekly IF Calcium hardness measures over  150ppm, otherwise just add once during fill up.

1. Use test strip and check levels: 

a. Maintain total alkalinity between 80 ppm – 120ppm 

i. If total alkalinity is low use Balance Pak 100 to raise levels 

ii. If total alkalinity is high use Lo N Slo to lower levels 

iii. After adjusting total alkalinity wait 8+ hrs before checking and adjusting  pH. However, you can move on and adjust calcium hardness/chlorine in  the meantime. *Total alkalinity affects pH and therefore needs to stabilize before you can get an accurate reading* 

b. Maintain pH between 7.2 – 7.8 

i. If pH is low after adjusting total alkalinity use Balance Pak 200 to raise  levels 

ii. If pH is high after adjusting total alkalinity use Lo N Slo to lower levels

c. Maintain Calcium Hardness below 150 ppm 

i. If calcium hardness is high use Stain and Scale Control on a weekly basis

2. Maintain Free Chlorine level between 3 ppm – 5 ppm 

a. The best way to maintain a good chlorine level is to add a teaspoon of Chlorine  Concentrate per person after each use. 

3. Add 3 tablespoons of Enhanced Shock per 1,000 gals weekly

Instructions to Monthly Endless Pool Chlorine Chemistry

1. Remove filters and rinse them with a high-pressure hose monthly.

2. Remove your filters and soak them in a solution of the Filter Cleaner pod or Liquid Filter Cleaner and water. Follow cleaner recommendations for process.

a. It is best to let filters air dry for 24 hrs before putting them back into the pool. Consider getting a second set of filters to be able to use the pool while the other set of filters are being cleaned or drying.

Important Tips

1. Start-Up: 

a. ALWAYS turn off the power when draining your pool. 

b. When refilling your pool, always refill through your filter compartment. Stick your garden hose down the filter standpipe. This allows the pool to be filled through the plumbing lines first and then enter the swimming area avoiding airlocks and pools going into protection mode. 

c. NEVER REFILL A POOL WITH HOT WATER, always use cold or tempered water.

2. Heavy Usage: 

a. When you first get your pool there is a tendency for customers to experience cloudiness due to high usage. If more people are using the pool more frequently you may need to add more Chlorine Concentrate or Enhanced Shock to keep the water clear. Stick to the rule, 1 tsp of Chlorine Concentrate per person after each use.  

b. Laundry detergent, body oils, lotions, and hair products are the main things that cause cloudiness or foaming in the pool. If you are wearing bathing suits be sure that you run them through a warm water rinse cycle in the washer without detergent and make that bathing suit your dedicated pool suit. Also encourage guests to rinse off before entering the pool.  

3. Winter Weather: 



c. Desired temperature is up to the customer from the months of April – November. From December – March if you choose to keep your pool up and running maintain a minimum temperature of 100 degrees. A common misconception is that turning the temperature down will save electricity. Savings are minimal and power outages are common in the winter. 

4. Cleaning: 

a. It is important to drain and refill your Endless Pool once a year, ideally in the Fall.

b. If you ever experience a buildup of dirt and oils along the water line, Mr. Clean  Magic Erasers work very well for cleaning the water line.

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