How to Hot Tub Shop During COVID-19

While it may not be in the forefront of your mind as we all adjust to our “new normal”, a hot tub can provide peace, relaxation, and routine at a time when we need those things the most. Hot tubs give us a unique and fun way to connect with our kids, spend quality time with our partners, and give us a safe, calming space away from today’s crazy day to day.

Thinking about that hot tub now? As you begin shopping for a hot tub during this very strange retail time, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Virtual Shopping & Showroom Tours

virtual showroom

Now more than ever you are wanting to get out and spend some time in a store or showroom, am I right? What I wouldn’t give to be able to go peruse and window shop shiny new things! But to stay safe and healthy, we must come up with alternatives. Taking advantage of virtual showroom tours can be fun and informative! Make sure while you’re shopping for a hot tub, you can see all the details before you buy even through pictures and interactive videos.

2. Backyard Consultations

backyard hot tub consultation

Since you can’t go into the store or showroom, is the hot tub dealer willing to come to you? Checking out your hot tub site and going over options in your backyard is a great option that can still happen with social distancing practices in place. Make sure to ask for and schedule a backyard consultation, especially if you think the delivery might be tricky or are questioning the fit of the hot tub you’re in love with.

3. Shop Local with a Well-Known Dealer

best hot tub dealer vt nh

On a typical day, as you shop for a higher ticket item, you’d want to make sure you’re shopping with a reputable dealer.  But even more so now, as you want to protect your investment and have support for years of hot tub ownership. Will this dealer still be there for you during the pandemic and beyond? Do they have a service department in case an issue comes up? Do they have good online reviews? Have they been around for a while?

4. Get All the Info and Compare

hot tub comparisons

This should be top of mind whenever you’re shopping, but it’s important to reiterate features, convey your wants & needs clearly, and ask as many questions as you want to make sure you’re getting the perfect hot tub for you. With most (if not all) of our shopping experience outside of a physical store, you’ll want to get the best model for your space at a good value. We also encourage comparing models and hot tub collections to find the perfect fit.

Have questions? Looking for a hot tub and want to explore options? Contact us below.