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Hot Tub FAQ

  • How much will I use a hot tub?

    Adding a hot tub to your backyard is a great investment in your home, family, and health for years to come. Most customers use their spas daily whether as a gathering place to share quality time with loved ones, relieve stress, or ease aches and pains. Hot tubs help you sleep better, assist in controlling diabetes and weight loss, and improve heart health. The biggest regret our customers share with us, is that they waited too long.

  • Can I try before I buy?

    We are happy to accomodate your requests. We always have models available for test soaking.

  • What Is Required For Maintenance?

    Hot Spring Spas make it easy with our exclusive Everfresh System. The Everfresh System includes the Freshwater III Ozone System (built in on all Hot Spring Spas) and Nature II Silver Ion Cartridge (change every four months).

  • Can I Go Chemical Free?

    No, even with our exclusive everfresh system, you still need to add small amounts of sanitizer. The Everfresh System will allow you to maintain lower levels of chlorine and reduce your maintenance and chemical usage tremendously.

  • What is an ozonator?

    An ozonator generates ozone just like the ozone in the atmosphere (O3). As your spa circulates, ozone is emitted and sanitizes the water. Ozone greatly reduces your chemical usage, but is not a stand alone sanitizer.

  • How often do I need to change the water?

    You only drain and refill a Hot Spring spa approximately every four to six months. Hot Spring spas offer optimal circulation and filtration with the lowest chemical usage possible.

  • What do they cost to heat?

    We have sold and serviced Hot Spring Spas since 1986 and offer all our customers a written Energy Guarantee. Hot Spring Spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market. All Hot Spring Spas are fully foamed and totally insulated with several layers of high density foam, our pumps and heaters are designed to deliver maximum performance with minimal energy consumption.

  • Are they made to go outdoors?

    All of our hot tubs are designed to go outdoors, and most often enjoyed outdoors.

  • Can hot tubs go indoors?

    All of our hot tubs can be installed indoors. While most enjoy our spas outdoors, particularly during the colder months, we always recommend that you install your new hot tub where you will use it the most. Spas are always covered except when in use, therefore humidity is not an issue. Avoid hardwood and carpeted areas, utilize area rugs, bathers bring water with them as they exit.

  • Will it be loud on my deck or in my home?

    All Hot Spring Spas are equipped with a Silent Flo 5000 pump that runs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, pumping 5000 gallons of water daily and drawing less energy than a 75 watt light bulb. If you are considering purchasing a spa, ask how often the spa circulates and what is involved in programming the spa to circulate and heat.

  • Can I add a stereo after the spa is delivered?

    Hot Spring’s has five lines of hot tubs most of which offer an optional stereo system. Stereo systems can be installed after the spa has been installed.

  • Can I connect my spa to a boiler and or wood stove?

    Hot Spring Spas are not designed to hook up to a boiler or wood stove. They are the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market.

  • How does the spa get delivered?

    Our professional delivery crews use four wheel drive trucks and trailers. Whether your new spa will go on a second story deck, a cement slab, you want to sink your spa or use an existing deck, we can assist you. Rest assured, our delivery crew can and will find a way to place your spa in your backyard, basement, porch, or gazebo to create your own vacation everyday at home.

  • Can hot tubs be delivered in the winter?

    Our professional delivery crew is prepared to install your new Hot Spring Spa in almost all weather conditions. We have four wheel drive vehicles to deliver and install hot tubs year-round, but there are some instances where the weather is not safe for our delivery crew to be on the roads. If this happens, we will reschedule your spa delivery to occur as soon as possible from your original delivery date.