All The Ways To Customize Your Hot Tub

Jets, Water Care Systems, Lighting, Entertainment, And More!

Ask any number of hot tub owners what the best part of owning a hot tub is and you’ll get just as many different answers. That’s because hot tub owners have ‘customized’ their hot tubs to fit their different lifestyles and needs. When making their decisions, they put a lot of thought into how they want to use their tub —and so should you.


Customizing your hot tub is a two-step process that’s similar to buying a car. First, you’ll look at the hot tub collections and choose the perfect model by considering the features of each— size, number of seats, jet configuration, water care system, cabinet design, and lighting that you like best. Then, you’ll choose your options and upgrades, such as an entertainment system, water care accessories, cabinet and shell color combinations, steps, and more.


Hot Springs, like other hot tub manufacturers offer a number of hot tub collections and a number of models in each collection. The models vary in size and the types of features offered. So, selecting a hot tub comes down to finding the model that will suit you and your family best. Here’s a look at the factors to consider when selecting a hot tub model.


customized hot tubs

How much hot tub do you need? Large spas offer plenty of space to stretch out with friends and family. Smaller hot tubs have fewer seats and fit in tighter spaces, such as small patios and balconies. Finding a hot tub that’s the perfect size for you will help you feel at home when you soak. When it’s just right, you’ll know.


customized hot tubs

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when shopping for a hot tub is the number of seats in the tub. Some hot tubs are intimate, designed just for two people, while others are perfect for a large family and entertaining guests, with room for up to seven people. Generally, as the number of seats increases, so does the price. So, you’ll want to consider your budget as well as seating options.


customized hot tub jets

There are many ways to enjoy a warm-water soak, but what makes a hot tub soak so special are the massaging jets. Jets with just the right amount of pressure work wonders on sore muscles and help provide relief from stress.

Not every muscle needs to be worked the same way, however, and pressure preference varies among hot tub owners. So, manufacturers offer a wide variety of hot tub jets, including directional and precision jets designed to provide massages to specific body parts, such as shoulders, feet, and the lower back. There are even certain tubs with specialized wrist and calf jets too.


customized hot tubs

One of the most important aspects of hot tub performance is its water care system. Fortunately, hot tub manufacturers have developed several ways to keep your spa water as pure and clean. Hot Spring offers three water care systems to consider: FreshWater Salt System, Everfresh Sanitizing System with Ozone, and FROG @Ease In-Line Sanitizing System.


customized hot tubs

The cleaner your hot tub water, the more you’ll enjoy your time in it. While hot tub filtration systems purify water, filters vary in size and number. More large filters, or filters with greater surface area, clean more water faster than a few small filters. You’ll also want to consider the filter material. Paper (polyester) filters have long been the standard, but new ceramic fiber technology is also available.


customized hot tubs lights

Elegant interior and exterior lighting is to be expected on luxury and premium hot tubs. Myriad energy-efficient LED lights dot the insides of Hot Spring Limelight®, Highlife®, and Hot Spot collections. Each model comes with a specific, factory-installed lighting system. The LED lighting on these tubs change colors, repeat patterns, and highlight different areas of your hot tub in different ways. You’re sure to find lighting configuration that speaks to you.


Once you’ve chosen your hot tub model, you get to really make it your own by selecting the colors that match your taste, the entertainment system that fits your lifestyle, the water care upgrade that will fit your needs, and the accessories that will put your tub over the top.


customized hot tubs

Most hot tub manufacturers, including Hot Spring, offer several shell, cabinet, and cover color options to match your taste and your home’s design. Which shell color will best match the style of your deck? What color cover will best match everything?


customized hot tubs

Hanging out in a hot tub can be a hoot. In most tubs you can choose built-in factory speakers through which you can stream music and podcasts through Bluetooth. Imagine choosing your tunes right from your hot tub’s Captain’s seat. Hot Spring entertainment options also include a 22” HD TV spa monitor, so you can watch sports, movies, and your favorite shows as you recline into a jet massage.


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A hot tub cover is an essential piece of equipment for hot tub owners because it keeps rain, debris, and insects out of the tub. It also keeps the heat in and your electric bill low.

Built for durability and insulation, a quality hot tub cover is necessarily heavy, which makes it difficult for one person to remove and replace. Fortunately, hot tub manufacturers offer efficient cover lifters that make it easy to remove and replace the cover with just one hand. This extremely helpful accessory means you’ll use your tub more often.

There are a few different types of hot tub cover lifters, so you’ll choose the one that’s best for you depending on your needs and space.


customized hot tubs

For some people, the height of a hot tub can be challenging. To make stepping into and out of your hot tub easy, consider stylish steps. High-quality steps have non-slip surfaces for solid footing and are made of durable materials.


hot tub rails

It’s good to have something to hold onto for added safety and security when entering and exiting your hot tub. Quality handrails are sturdy, and some even swing inside and outside the tub and lock in place.

Now that you know all the ways to customize a new hot tub, the next part is up to you. When you take your time to consider everything you need and want from a tub, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a hot tub perfect for your needs and just waiting for you.