10 Things To Do At Home In Your Hot Tub

It’s the perfect time to reconnect in hot water with your family. Check out this great list of things to do in your hot tub besides just relaxing!


1. Water Balloon Pass

Fill up a regular sized water balloon to its max with cold water; usually about the size of your head. Sit in a circle in the hot tub and take turns passing the balloon around above your head. Whenever it pops, that person is out and they get a chilly surprise!

2. Submarine

Put a plastic cup in the middle of your hot tub so it’s floating just above the water. (You may need to slow down your jets or shut them off for this). Take turns pouring water into the cup, whoever sinks the cup is out.

3. Pass The Story

This is a fun game where the first person begins a story like “Once upon a time, there was” and then the next person in the circle adds to it. Continue around the circle until you have all come up with a hilarious and unforgettably crazy story!

4. Hot Tub Hockey

Make two teams and place them on either side of the hot tub. Place a rubber duck in the middle of the hot tub. The goal is to get the duck to touch the opposing team’s side of the hot tub. Here’s the catch; you’re only allowed to use air or water. You can blow on the duck or wave your hands in the water to help it move. You get one point when it touches their side, get 3 points to win!

5. Water Cards

All you need for this is a frisbee and some water-proof cards. Flip the frisbee upside down in the middle of the hot tub and enjoy your favorite card games!

6. Never Have I Ever

This is a fun classic game; someone says something like “Never have I ever eaten food that fell on the floor”. Anyone who has, raises their hand or takes a drink. It can be a fun and silly way to learn things about each other!

7. Yoga

Let’s slow things down a bit with some hot tub yoga. Be sure to have no more than 2 people in the hot tub so that you can move more freely. There’s no better time to stretch your muscles as they’re loose and relaxed in hot water. Click here to learn more and for easy moves. Be sure to close your eyes at times and take deep breaths throughout.

8. Meditate

A close relative to yoga, take this time for you by soaking in your hot tub alone. Put on relaxing music, sink into your tub, close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths. Focus on the warmth that has engulfed your body and the sounds of the jets or of nature. Let your mind relax. If your mind starts to wander, focus on your breaths and the relaxing sounds again. Take this time alone to also practice mindfulness. Look around at your surroundings and absorb the sounds and views of nature if you’re outside; the wind, the birds, and be sure to look up at the clouds or stars. Take these moments to be grateful for being here. Bonus Tip: Add aromatherapy to really enhance your experience!

9. Read a Book

Many people like to read to relax; combine your favorite book with hot water therapy and you’ll take your reading and relaxation to the next level!

10. Hot Tub Date Night

This one the kids can definitely stay inside for! Plan a romantic night with your partner; have them stay inside while you set up candles, music, your favorite drinks, and some snacks. Tell them to leave their phone inside and have them follow you out to your beautiful and inviting at-home date night. Soak in your hot tub together while enjoying a beverage. Have fun conversations such as how you first met, your favorite adventures together, and what made you fall in love with them!



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