Why We Should All Monkey Around (in the Hot Tub)

By: Zach Hoag

According to a recent New York Times article, the snow monkeys of Japan have it right.

These macaques have taken to bathing in Nagano’s mountain hot springs just like their upright relatives — and they look downright adorable doing it.

While the reason for the monkeying around in the hot tub might seem kinda obvious — hot water feels good! — these fuzzy faces are totally zen’d out for another, more important, reason: stress relief.

Scientists studying these snow-dwelling hot tubbers discovered that their stress levels, elevated by living in such a cold climate (and the general trials and tribulations of, you know, being a monkey), come down significantly while soaking.

Since we are so similar to our primate relatives, don’t you think the same would apply to us? You would be right on the money. And for us especially, prolonged levels of stress — that fight or flight response — are all too common in today’s society, wreaking havoc on our fragile systems. We need to monkey around in hot water now more than ever!

Did you know hot tubbing also increases circulation in our bodies — by 121% percent? Getting the blood circulating helps to calm us down, think more clearly, and generally de-stress right in that key area of our head and neck — not to mention contributing to overall health in our body.

And sleep! Sleep is so important when it comes to being stressed out! And nothing helps us get a great night’s sleep like using our hot tub right before bed. Just ask this little dude:

So if you’re on the fence about getting a hot tub, or if you’re just not using the one you own very much, take a hint from the snow monkeys of Japan.

Daily use of your hot tub will bring your stress levels down, and make you feel better and healthier.

And that’s no monkey business.

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