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Clean, Clear water using mineral technology

Clean, Clear water using mineral technology

Nature2 for Your Spa

1. Destroys bacteria and reduces chemical use

Nature2 SPA minerals safely and effectively destroy bacteria.

2. Family friendly

Nature2 reduces the potential for red eyes, skin irritations, and odors by reducing the need for harsh chemicals.

3. Easier to use

Nature2 SPA + Cense® are easy to use. Simply drop them in. No plumbing required.

Replace your Nature2 spa cartridge every 4 months!

Nature2 for Your Pool


1.Proven mineral technology

Natural minerals, such as silver and copper, have been used for thousands of years to effectively control bacteria, algae, and other harmful contaminants. Nature2 brings the benefits of these proven elemental ingredients to create cleaner, clearer pool water while reducing the potential for common discomforts and unpleasant odors.

2. Cleaner water, less hassle

Nature2 is a simple and effective pool sanitizing solution. In conjunction with your pool’s filtration system, it automatically delivers bacteria- and algae-fighting minerals to provide more balanced pH, better alkalinity levels, and overall cleaner, more comfortable pool water with less hassle.

3. Smart sanitizing system

Because of Nature2‘s powerful bacteria-fighting properties, your pool will require less chlorine — up to 50% less! And, with its Controlled Release Technology (CRT), Nature2 automatically dispenses the right amount of mineral ions into your pool water for continuous sanitizing and healthier pH levels. That means Nature2 keeps working even when chlorine has been depleted.

Replace your Nature2 pool cartridge every 6 months!