How to Find the Most Reliable Hot Tubs

A quality hot tub is a source of renewal, providing comfort, stress relief, and wellness benefits day after day and year after year. So, as you shop for a new hot tub, you’ll want to be sure to look for the most reliable hot tub models from the most trusted manufacturers. Top manufacturers back their hot tubs with warranties and service plans, and design them using only the best materials. They also earn the best testimonials from their customers.

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Manufacturing a reliable hot tub hinges on using quality, durable materials. Hot tubs are designed to withstand the elements for years on end without breaking down frequently or falling apart. They also must hold and move hundreds of gallons of water without springing leaks or damaging features, including lighting and entertainment options.

The following chart will help you learn which materials are best for specific hot tub components:

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Hot tubs manufactured with materials not listed on this chart do exist and may be less expensive than hot tubs built with them, but they might not hold up as well over time.


While using quality materials is integral to building a reliable hot tub, so is employing a manufacturing process that supports dependability. A few key indicators can give you insight into how well a company’s internal processes function.

First, identify the manufacturer, which might be different from the brand name. For instance, the Hot Spring® brand is owned by Watkins Wellness, a Masco Corporation company. Masco is a Fortune 500 company with household name brands in its portfolio that include Kraftmaid®, Delta® faucets, Milgard®windows, and others. Next, consider the company’s size and history. Large hot tub companies with long histories have had time to develop the industry knowledge necessary to efficiently build the most reliable hot tubs.

Finally, look into the manufacturer’s certifications. Hot tub companies certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) have proved their reliability. In particular, ISO 9000 certification denotes that a company meets Quality Management Systems standards. Products that meet these standards also meet or exceed their stated capabilities.

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Even when a hot tub manufacturer uses the best materials and assembles them according to the highest standards, a hot tub may unexpectedly fail. While quality hot tub manufacturers do everything they can to prevent these failures, they also recognize that mechanical equipment can break down. So, they work to minimize the disruption an issue can cause. One way they do that is to warranty their products.

Reliable hot tub manufacturer warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship. Any parts found to be defective while under warranty are typically replaced or repaired at no expense to the consumer. Warranty coverage should extend for a reasonable period of time, measured in years, depending on the component.

Often, hot tub warranties specifically apply to certain hot tub components. Therefore, when comparing warranties, be sure to also compare the specific components they cover, as well as the coverage time span. Hot tub components that should always be covered include:

  • Shell surface and leaks
  • Cabinets
  • Plumbing and fittings
  • Electrical components
  • Pumps
  • Jets, air valves, levers, and bezels
  • Heater
  • Lights
  • Entertainment systems

If you discover that the manufacturer’s warranty of a hot tub you’re interested in purchasing does not cover these essential components, you would be right to question the hot tub’s reliability.


Hot tubs are complex home products, comprised of multiple electrical and mechanical systems. Like all complex products, hot tubs require regular maintenance, including changing the filters, cleaning the shell, and draining and refilling periodically. Hot tub components may also wear down over time. So, for both regular maintenance and unexpected repairs, top manufacturers offer dependable service solutions.

Many manufacturers rely on independent, knowledgeable local dealers to sell and service their hot tubs. This ensures that customers who purchase from these dealers have access to repair and maintenance help. Local dealers offer various levels of service. At the most basic level, they’ll deliver and install your hot tub and fix it if the need arises. From there, services expand to include regular maintenance tasks, such as balancing hot tub water chemicals.

When you purchase a hot tub through a trusted dealer, you can depend on that dealer for as much support as you want or need. But if you purchase your hot tub online, secondhand, outside of a dealer network, you’ll likely be on your own should anything go wrong.

how to find most reliable hot tub


While researching the most durable materials and the best hot tub manufacturers will give you a good idea of hot tub quality, only actual hot tub owners can attest to the true reliability and performance of specific hot tub models.

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few hot tub models you like, read the product reviews to learn what owners think, and then compare them, looking for a consensus opinion. To find reviews on reliability specifically, search using keywords such as “reliable” or “durable,” if given that option. You can also scroll pages looking for phrasing similar to “I’ve owned my hot tub for years… .” If you can’t find customer reviews on a manufacturer’s website, search on Google.

When you invest in a hot tub, you want to make sure it’s well-made, supported by a manufacturer’s warranty and a service plan, and that it will stand the test of time.

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