Hot Tub Yoga in Cold Weather

As the days get colder, the benefits you get from hot tub yoga increases!

In the colder months, you may get more stiff and experience achy joints. Don’t let this bring on a life with less activity!

“The heat and moisture from your hot tub easily penetrates and relieves many discomforts that come along with colder weather. As your body temperature rises, the benefits of hot tub soaking begin to take place:

    • Improved circulation
    • Pain relief
    • Increased metabolism
    • Calmer nervous system

The best benefit of all is the natural sigh of relief our bodies give in response to the warmth of the water.

Adding some great yoga stretches to your hot soak can relieve rigidity, stiff joints and tight muscles. It can also increase your flexible strength (think strong and limber), and all around improve your day to day life.”

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