Freeflow Start Up Guide

Freeflow Spas Start Up Guide


1) Open the equipment compartment access door and pull out the cord. Your tub comes wired with the 110v cord attached. If you want to run it on 220v, please refer to your owner’s manual.

2) Remove the filter and fill the spa with COLD water from your spigot. Place your hose in the hole in the bottom of the filter compartment. This will push water through all the plumbing lines.

3) Fill to about 1” below the pillow or 1” above the highest jets if you don’t have a pillow. DO NOT  USE HOT OR LUKEWARM WATER. Using lukewarm or hot water can trip the high-limit thermistor and prevent your spa from working. 

4) Once the spa is full, loosen the drain cap and allow water to exit the hose bib for about 5  seconds. This will help prime the jet pump. 

5) Reinsert your filter. 

6) When the spa is full of COLD water, plug it in and reset the GFCI breaker if needed. 7) Press the “JETS” button to activate the spa. 

8) Set the spa temperature to your desired temperature using the + and – buttons. 9) Sit back, relax, and wait for your water to get to at least 80 degrees. 

10) Once it is at least 80 degrees, you may start adding chemicals. 


1) The spas are sometimes shipped with the residual water in the plumbing lines from the wet testing procedure at the factory. This can cause a freeze-up issue if the spa is delivered in the winter. If the spa is not circulating when you turn on the jet pump first turn the jet pump off. Then cycle the jets on/off a few times to make sure the pump is primed. Make sure all jets are in the open position. If the spa still will not circulate, you may have a freeze-up.

Please call our Service Department at (802) 417-3097  if you have primed the pump and still don’t have circulation. 

2) If you have a small leak, it may be that something loosened during shipping. This can usually be easily fixed if you open the equipment compartment and locate the leak. With the pump running, check all the drains, unions or fittings in the equipment compartment and tighten if necessary.

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