5 Tips For Autumn Hot Tubbing

There’s something to be said about watching the leaves change to a warm hue of reds, oranges, and yellows. Add soaking your body in hot water and your autumn experience will be unforgettable.

1. If your hot tub has foliage around it, be mindful of it as you soak.

Mindfulness is key to truly enjoying your surroundings. With our busy lives, we often rush through our days and miss the beauty in many things. Practice soaking in your hot tub while looking around, paying attention to the beautiful colors of the leaves, the birds or crickets chirping, and then close your eyes gently, soaking it all in for several minutes.

2. Embrace the longer nights.

No need to be someone who complains about the days getting shorter anymore. Hot tubbers welcome nightfall because that can mean chillier temperatures and stars, the perfect combination to enjoy while getting a jetted massage. Plan a night soak during a meteor shower for bonus points!

3. Add an autumn beverage.

One of the best things during the fall season are the delicious seasonal beverages. Fill your favorite glass with a warm apple cider or pumpkin spice drink; your tastebuds will thank you and your autumn hot tubbing experience will be catapulted into something incredible.

4. Bring out the spook.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, autumn is a great time to start bringing spookiness into the picture. Setup a TV or projector outside and play a spooky movie for your family while enjoying a soak at night. If looking to avoid TV while soaking, bring out a scary book or challenge people to tell their best scary story!

5. Bird watching.

As the months get colder, birds start to migrate south. This is a great time to have a bird feeder within viewing distance of your hot tub. Enjoy watching birds come and go and be mindful of their look and sounds. Embracing all beauty that nature has to offer will surely bring your hot tub experience to the next level. It will also allow you to enjoy the fall season more than you ever have before.