5 Things a Hot Tub Will Ruin For You

We all know the benefits associated with soaking in a hot tub, but did you know about the things that it will ruin for you?

1. TV Time.

That escape to TV land every night is definitely enticing…it’s your way to disappear from your daily grind. With a hot tub, this zombie like state of TV trance will be cut short as your hot tub lures you outside. Giving you a much more healthy option of escape.

2. Complaining About Back Pain.

Possibly for the first time in years, you may just stop complaining about your back pain. Hot tubs are known to provide great relief from back pain, joint pain, and more. Think you’ll miss it? We can assure you that you won’t.

3. Counting Sheep.

Do you count them so often that you’ve named your cute, furry friends? Our apologies, but by owning a hot tub, they will probably be finding a new home. Don’t be too sad though; you’ll be getting amazing deep and restorative sleep and the sheep will only be happy for you.

4. Snarky Kids.

Ever think to yourself, “Wow! I sure do love when my kids talk back!” No, we didn’t think so. Get them soaking in hot water with you and you may just grow closer to them. Can you hardly get anything out of them these days either? A hot tub is known as a “truth pool”– a place where kids and teens open up to their parents because they’re so relaxed!

5. Your Boring Relationship.

Time to say bah-bye to your dull relationship and stressful days together. A hot tub is going to ruin that for you by bringing peace and excitement into your lives. Bring home a hot tub and reconnect with your loved one today. The memories you will create and the talks you will share in the hot tub will never be forgotten.

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  1. I love my hot tub. But I don’t love having to pay $480 to replace a simple circuit board. Got a slow leak that needs attention this spring. What will that cost? 2 or 3 grand???? Guess that would ruin it for me

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