Winter Tips For Your Hot Tub

What To Do If Your Hot Tub Stops Working or If You Lose Power

*A hot tub can be left without power up to 3 days without risk of freezing, IF you follow these tips:

Keep hot tub cover closed and locked in place.

Leave tub filled and running (do NOT drain or disconnect power).

Ensure winter blanket is installed in equipment compartment (this will keep your equipment compartment warm).

Place an electric space heater in the equipment compartment and be sure the heater is not in direct contact with any plumbing or equipment.


Surviving Power Outages – DO NOT DRAIN YOUR TUB!

Hot Springs Hot Tubs are not only fully foamed, but also totally insulated. Should you lose power, simply leave your hot tub covered until power resumes.

winter hot tub tips

We recommend maintaining the temperature at a minimum of 100 degrees during the winter months. Should a power outage occur, temperature loss is minimal and will reheat when power resumes.

All hot tubs dating back to 1997 will automatically reset the temperature to 100-102 degrees. There is no need to reprogram.

Installing a winter blanket protects your equipment from freezing during power outages and adds an extra layer of insulation.


Draining a hot tub during a power outage WILL result in freeze damage. The only way to remove all of the water from the equipment and internal lines is with a shop vac or blower (which requires electricity). Only drain and refill your hot tub if the temperature is staying above 32 degrees for 24 hrs.

Also, NEVER refill your hot tub with hot water, always use cold or tempered water.

You will have residual water that will freeze and damage your tub if you drain it. Our experience is the entire hot tub body will maintain the hot water more effectively than small amounts (freezes quicker!)

Winter Hot Tubbing To Dos

Keep Your Hot Tub Safe and Warm:
Always latch your cover down

Cover Hinge Seal:
Install in the seam of your cover (the most vulnerable part of your cover)

Got Critters?:
Come pick up some Mouse Busters! Just sprinkle some in your equipment compartment and the smell deters unwanted critters.

Winter Insulating Blanket:
Install in your equipment compartment to protect equipment during power outages and increase energy efficiency.

Is your Hot Tub as Energy Efficient as it could be?

winter hot tub sale

Your Cover could be the Energy Hog.

• Is your cover showing its age?
• Not sealing properly?
• Not fitting snuggly?
• Waterlogged and heavy to lift?
• Sagging, fading, or cracking?
• Worn or torn?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your cover is not as energy efficient as it could be.

Contact us today to get a new Hot Springs Cover for maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

Ensure the longevity and ease of use with a new Hot Springs Cover Lift System: pneumatic gas springs take the work out of opening your cover!

Salt Water Hot Tub Tips

• Clean your cell every 90 days
• Adjust your settings based on usage and confirm your output every 30 days
• Test and balance water weekly
• Bring us a water sample to verify accuracy

hot tub salt water tips

Give us a call if you have any questions or take a break and sign up for our Maintenance Program!

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    1. Hi Candace! A hinge seal is an extra piece of foam and vinyl that is velcroed into the fold/hinge on the inside of the cover. Some covers may have it already and it helps with heat loss coming out through the fold. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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